April 29, 2004


April 28, 2004


The main bulkhead in the fusalage is the center section bulkhead to which the main spar attaches. I spent a couple hours fitting the precision high tensile strength bolts. Now I get to clean up the ruble in the shop, there are tools everywhere! ...When you get to where you can't find anything... Then it's time to put everything away and start again!

April 26, 2004


The first photo shows milling the control column mounts to hold the control stick. A number of years ago I bought a wounded 1957 Bridgeport "J head" milling machine and proceeded to scrape a replacement gib etc. to rebuild the machine. As a rehab project after the second heart attack curiosity got the best of me and I scrounged up (using the internet) information on stepper motors et al and ... presto... started a little project to write a g-code compiler and stepper motor controller to convert my antique Bridgeport into a computer numerical controlled (CNC) milling machine. I've been using the software I call CNCMILL to do a number of part mods specified in the RV 7A plans that would be a pain to do by hand. The lightening mod to the control stick column mounts is a typical example. The second picture shows the back side of the second major bulkhead in the plane to which the control stick column mount attaches. This is the key bulkhead in the fusalage as it is the one that mates with the wings using a number high precision, and high tensile strength bolts. Tomorrow hopefully I'll be able to finish the drilling on the front section of the major bulkhead, then it's off to more simpler bulkheads....after which the fun starts and it will at least look like an upside down canoe for a while.

April 25, 2004

Engine Side

Riveted the left aeleron today...what a pain...the firewall was a real nice rivet job and came out nice with all the flush rivets on the engine side.

April 23, 2004


Stil have to do the flaps and one aeleron...but couldn't resist starting to work on the fusalage firewall.

April 17, 2004

Soup Yet?

Still plugging away on the wings.

April 15, 2004

Many Pieces

Takes a lot of little pieces to build a plane.

April 11, 2004


It sure is neat watching our hard work begin to take shape.

April 05, 2004

Wing Two

Oh yeah, we need two of those, don't we?