September 09, 2004


Here are two shots showing a method for setting the specified angle of incidence for the wings.

The plans call for using a level, but I found this method of using a square allowed one to dial in the specified parallellism between the level with a 3" gauge block and the main longeron by using a 2x4 and a truck jack to dial in the incidence position to within less than 1/64" inch total deviation between both wings...

Trust me... I ain't that good using spirit levels even if I take my glasses off and eye ball the level glass up close and personal.

There is so far only one little sticking point... The wings are swept forward by about 1/8 inch. I've sent an email to customer support at Van's to check the acceptance of this before I commit to drilling the attach hole in the rear spars.

Meanwhile, as I await information from Van's, I'll work on a drill jig and drill bushings to assure the hole is set safely within edge clearance requirements and is square to the spars.

Man, is the humidity high... The garage floor looks like I took a hose to it!