May 12, 2005

Gas Struts

Finally finished the small parts to mount the gas struts to hold the canopy open. Took about two days of fiddling to machine all the parts and a drill jig to set the position of the front mounts. A funny thing happened after I drilled everything and installed the struts: The gap between the canopy and rear window opened up! Those struts do a lot of prying on a clecoed assembly and even more when you do not have the front top skin clecoed on.

Upshod: You do not want those gas struts anywhere near the fusalage while you are fitting up the skirts, etc. - Until everything is riveted finally into place. Of course, the final riveting of all the fuselage/canopy parts is starting to look like the proverbial chicken and egg problem... Who goes first and after that what order?