May 10, 2005

Small Parts

Back making small parts for the lift struts for the canopy. Had an interesting EAA Chapter meeting this evening with a presentation from an engineer who worked on the Garmin glass cockpit display's attitude reference system.

Speaking of attitude reference systems: a little while back I received the following info on a new system developed in Europe:

We are pleased to inform you about the release of the MTi, the world's smallest Attitude and Heading Reference System. The MTi is the successor of Xsens' MT9 Inertial Measurement Unit and its main improvement is the internal computation and direct output of the Pitch, Roll and Heading angles with 0.5 degree accuracy.

The MTi will be released at the Sensor + Test tradeshow, to be held from May 10-12 in Nurnberg, Germany. Together with the MTi, we introduce the even smaller MTx 3DOF Orientation Tracker for human motion measurement. Please, visit or contact me for more info about the MTi.