October 29, 2005

Back Home

After finishing priming the fusalage this week, today was the big day to move the fusalage back into the house. Took a little wrestling. I've removed the sliding doors enough times now that I have that part of the procedure more or less down pat.

The trick we used this time was to drag it backwards up the slope to the opening and then place my small rivet cart under the rear spar bulkhead area of the fusalage. Then Cathy got the chore of weighing the tail down to lift the nose area so we could remove the gear and scoot it back into the room. Only hitch was we couldn't quite get enough lift to remove the main gear... So, a little mule lifting on my part under the fusalage and voila... We had the gear off.

Once it was back into the room we had to get a little extra lift again with the ol' thighs to get that little extra to insert the gear into their respective tubes. In any event, the fusalage is back in the house for the winter and sitting securely on a pair of steel saw horses.