October 27, 2005

Flight Resources

Had a chance to get together with our EAA Chapter's flight advisor Dino Vlahakis, pictured here with his beutiful Stearman. The irony, the photo is taken at Lebanon Airport (KLEB) in New Hampshire, and Dino is an international captain veteran with time logged flying into Bierut.... aka Bierut, Lebanon.

One of the things we are hoping to take advantage of is Lebanon Airport, because it has a tower, long, and wide, paved runways, and people like Dino in the chapter, who have been through the aircraft birthing process.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: Put a the crosscoat of primer on the fusalage and when I was finished it was the end of my gallon of Dupont Corlar fleet grade primer. If things go well, we will have the bird back in it's nest for winter tomorrow afternoon or Sunday.