November 26, 2005

Class D Air

So far I have managed to automate generating files for displaying the circlular core of airspace around class D airfields. Here is Lebanon in a reverse contrast image and the conventional summer terrain texturing native to Flightgear. My old 2nd seat in the legislator, also an A/P, Phil Weber, came by over the holidays from Pennsylvania.

I have also finally gotten around to doing a rewrite of my website to put some of the synthetic vision material on there, including the sources for the revised hud and code to interface with the Crossbow uNAV device. I also have been looking into getting a mini-ATX computer board to make the synthetic vision system portable so I can run some field tests... But, it turns out the graphic accelerator cards are power hungry and I haven't found an mini-ATZ with a power supply big enough to support the graphics card. If I had my choice, I would go with a Panasonic ruggedized laptop, the ones with the sunlight readable display, but at $3500 clams, that's a bit much.

Now, back to burrowing into the DAFIFT database. This is the same database, by the way, the defense mapping agency claims to want to take out of the public domain and make secret? I'm still curious as to what the hell the big secret is as to the boundaries of airspace already depicted on sectional maps! This sounds more like an effort to force people to get their data from some congressional chairman's pet defense contractor... For a fee. Come to think of it, one of those folks just got clipped in Kalifornia for being ye olde bribe bait.