November 13, 2005

Sunday Flying

Sure got a tad hazy Sunday, but I wanted to get up anyway as I haven't flown since July 3rd. Was a bit rusty on the currency take offs and landings before taking Cathy and her mom up for some hazy sightseeing out towards Mt. Ascutney and Hawks' peak, the site of the 1947 B-29 wreck. The haze did not make for a perfect picture taking day. Here's a shot of the approach to 18 at Lebanon and a flightgear rendering of approximately the same position. Now, if I can scrounge up a laptop with an accelerated graphics board, I can get flightgear and the sensor running in an a portable unit.

For now, I'm still driving flight gear around to position the viewpoint and comparing them to photographs of the area. I'm pretty confident now that I can get the synthetic vision to work with Crossbow's certificied sensors in addition to their uNAV sensor... It is my understanding crossbow supplies the inertial device for the Chelton system. I also note that if other simulation software such as x-plane, or even (bannish the thought) microsoft publish an interface and support a documented socket programming protocol you could using sensors like the uNAV with a small programming translator to drive other simulation displays. A secondary issue arrises as to the pedigree of the terrain database(s) used by the flight sim, but that class of problem sure beats creating the display software from scratch!